Wednesday, November 9, 2011

General Vallejo's Daughter's House

I am currently finishing a phase of a large garden project in Sonoma, CA.  The house was originally built for General Vallejo's daughter.  It is now being developed as a family retreat.  The landscaping was designed by Gary Ratway of Integrated Designs.  Most of the installation has been done by Con Mara Gardens.  The rammed earth was done by me with help from Terence Weil-dye and some of the guys from Con Mara. It includes lots of retaining walls, a two story garden shed with rustic redwood doors, a two story pool pavilion with an apartment downstairs and an outdoor kitchen upstairs with a large pizza oven, a wine cellar, fountains and grottos.

Upper floor Pool Pavilion
Pool Pavilion
Garden Shed
Reclaimed Redwood door
Pizza Oven

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